Sunday, December 19, 2010

A True Calling

Is it possible in today's day and age for this wife who works full-time to manage her home as if she were a full-time homemaker?  I don't know. I want to try. We have so much changing in our lives in the up coming months but I need for our home to be a haven. I need to be healthy in my mind and body with more time with the Lord, more time spent on home cooked meals for my husband and I and more time feeling organized and focused.

I truly believe that my true calling is that of a wife, daughter, sister and aunt. I want to focus more on my family and our home (wherever that may be).  How does one accomplish such a task?  I hope to find encouragement, advice and experiences from your blogs.


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

CBD ~ Welcome to Homestead Revival™! I'm so glad you found your way over. I'm sure the Lord will bless and honor your desire to focus more on your family and home since it is within His will (Titus 2:3-5). I look forward to getting to know you!

Mrs. Bear said...

I always look at my mother and wonder, "How does she do it?" She is a mother - wife - sister - daughter - noni (grandma) - aunt - cousin - friend... I could go on and on. She always makes sure there is food on the table, her family is happy, the house is clean, and has a smile on her face. She is the most amazing woman I know and I think that I can be like her if I remind myself that it is possible. You can be anything you want to be - just be strong!